Dive Deeper: 21 Best Things to Do in Asheville

Are you yearning for an unforgettable adventure? Let’s dive into the beauty and charm of Asheville, NC, the city that promises endless Fun amidst the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’ve never considered Asheville as your next travel destination, think again! Here’s a handpicked list of exciting activities for you to explore.

So, ready to kick start your journey?

Explore the Majestic Biltmore Estate

Wondering where to begin? Start with the Biltmore Estate! Dive into history, architecture, and beauty. After immersing yourself in the estate’s splendor, wouldn’t a wine-tasting session be the perfect cherry on top? Remember, it’s more than just an estate; it’s an experience.

Embrace the City’s Charm on Foot

Hey, adventurous soul! Why not discover Asheville’s secrets on a walking tour? Whether you’re a DIY explorer or prefer a guided experience, Asheville is ready to reveal its heart to you. And, for those who crave a touch of mystery? Check out the haunted ghost tour!

Dive into the Beauty of Blue Ridge Parkway

Driving enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Who could resist a drive that offers panoramic mountain views? Each curve and turn unveils Nature’s masterpiece. So, buckle up and get ready for an awe-inspiring journey!

Conquer the Peaks of Mt. Pisgah

Are you a hiking enthusiast or a beginner looking for a thrilling challenge? Mt. Pisgah awaits. And guess what? The reward is an unparalleled view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the city.

Dine Overlooking the Blue Ridge at Pisgah Inn

After a hike, you deserve a feast, right? Imagine savoring delicious cuisine with the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop. Pure bliss!

Dive into the Game of Disc Golf

Have you ever tried your hand at disc golf? Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, Asheville invites you to enjoy this unique sport. And if you’re starting, worry not! The city has got you covered with starter kits.

Relish Authentic Southern Delights

Foodies, brace yourselves! From mouthwatering biscuits to fried chicken, Asheville’s culinary scene promises a journey of flavors. Ready to tantalize your taste buds?

Sip on Asheville’s Finest Craft Beers

Beer enthusiasts, did you know Asheville has been crowned Beer City USA multiple times? With over 40 breweries, your perfect brew awaits. So, why wait? Dive into the vibrant beer culture!

Rediscover the World in Museums

Art lover? Science geek? Or a nostalgic gamer? Asheville’s diverse museums promise a world of discovery. Dive into art, history, or even retro gaming, and let your imagination soar!

Unearth Artistic Treasures in the RAD (River Arts District)

Art lovers, this is your paradise! From mesmerizing paintings to intricate jewelry, RAD is a canvas painted with creativity. Are you ready to embark on an artistic journey?

Revel in the Fun at the French Broad River

Water lovers, here’s your splash of Fun! Whether you’re into serene tubing or thrilling water sports, Asheville promises a refreshing escape.

Serenade with Street Musicians

Strolling through downtown Asheville, melodies surround you. While tunes might drift from local establishments, the heart of the music lies in the street performers showcasing their talents.

Asheville streets are brimming with buskers. When you spot someone passionately playing an instrument, they’re likely busking, laying open their instrument case for appreciative tips.

These talented artists significantly enrich Asheville’s eclectic vibes. If their music moves you, pause, savor the performance, and drop in some gratitude in the form of dollars.

Escape to Hot Springs

Are you seeking rejuvenation in Asheville? Embark on a day trip to Hot Springs, NC. The town isn’t just a namesake—it’s home to genuine, rejuvenating hot springs.

A mere 45-minute drive will lead you to the Hot Springs Resort & Spa, which boasts invigorating mineral baths and relaxing spa services. After an eventful day in the city, unwinding here is sheer bliss. Do ensure prior booking and explore their accommodation offers if you fancy an extended stay.

Feel the Beat at the Friday Drum Circle

Experience one of Asheville’s unique weekly traditions. Every Friday evening, Pritchard Park resonates with rhythms as folks gather for the drum circle. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of various age groups, backgrounds, and music enthusiasts.

If you lack a drum, sway to the beats and let the rhythm connect you with fellow participants. And post-event? You’re already in downtown Asheville, ready for Friday night adventures.

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Shop Around at the Grove Arcade

Downtown Asheville beckons shoppers to the historic Grove Arcade. Dive into its rich past before you indulge in retail therapy.

This architectural marvel houses diverse stores like the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar, Nutz About Fudge, and the Woodrow Instrument Company. Outside, the Outdoor Artists Market awaits, with an array of artisanal finds.

Location: 1 Page Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28801, USA

Luxuriate at the Grove Park Inn

Are you seeking luxury in Asheville? The Grove Park Inn awaits. This century-old establishment, founded by E.W. Grove, stands as one of Asheville’s top resorts.

While staying overnight is a treat, visiting for spa treatments or dining at the Sunset Terrace Lounge is memorable.

Location: 290 Macon Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28804, USA

Embrace Nature with a Hike

Hiking ranks high on Asheville’s to-do list. A short drive out of town unlocks myriad trails. From the Mt. Pisgah trail to Max Patch, you’re spoilt for choices. Use Asheville’s trail finder for ideal recommendations, or opt for organized tours.

Wander the North Carolina Arboretum

For nature lovers, the North Carolina Arboretum is a haven. It’s adorned with manicured gardens, an exquisite bonsai exhibit, and varied trails.

Location: 20 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville, NC 28806, USA

Spooky Strolls: Ghost Tours

Embrace Asheville’s eerie side with a ghost tour. Haunted Asheville offers various tours delving into the city’s spooky legends and lore.

End Your Day on a Rooftop

After a hectic day, relish Asheville’s skyline from a rooftop bar. Visit Capella on 9, Hemingway’s Cuba, or Highland Brewing for a mesmerizing sunset with delightful concoctions.

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Revel in a Show

Music resonates deeply with Asheville’s soul. From live bands at Asheville Music Hall to festivals at Pack Square Park, there’s always a musical note in the air.

Bonus! Food Tour with a Purpose

Eating Asheville organizes gastronomic tours. For each booking, a meal is donated to people in need—an exquisite blend of taste and benevolence.

Dive Deeper into Asheville

Wondering why Asheville is renowned? From its laid-back ambiance to artistic vibes, gourmet eateries, breweries, and scenic beauty, Asheville captures hearts effortlessly. Whether you’re an adventurer, an art lover, or someone in pursuit of tranquility, Asheville has something for everyone, complemented by delectable food, scenic views, and soulful music.

So, there you have it! A treasure trove of experiences is waiting just for you in Asheville. Remember, every journey is unique, and with Cabins of Asheville by your side, you’re bound to create memories that last a lifetime. Beginners, seasoned travelers, or those in between – Asheville welcomes you with open arms! Dive in, explore, and let the city charm you. And if you ever need guidance or recommendations, Cabins of Asheville is here to enhance your experience.

So, when are you planning your Asheville adventure?

Book on our website today, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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