Balds present breathtaking vistas in the Asheville region.

Great Views

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC are mountaintops offering breathtaking 360-degree views due to their treeless nature. These open spaces, known as mountain balds, often feature grassy landscapes reminiscent of the Sound of Music.

Rare Flowers and Plants

The origin of these balds sparks debate, with theories attributing their formation to climate events, animals’ impact, or human practices like agriculture. Regardless of their genesis, these preserved balds hold a sense of wonder and are home to rare plants and wildflowers that thrive in the unobstructed light.

Bring a Picnic

Perfect for scenic picnics or hikes, these balds are a natural treasure. To find your ideal hike, explore our Asheville Hike Finder. Here are some beloved trails near Asheville, NC, ideal for discovering these mountain balds.

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